Five-Star: No way Cowboys stop Eagles' big-play attack

Will the Eagles hit their average of six plays of 20 yards or more Saturday against the Cowboys?

After what you've seen the past several weeks, you couldn't possibly think the Cowboys can stop Philadelphia's offense.

Not when Dallas has made average quarterbacks such as Washington's Rex Grossman, Miami's Matt Moore and Arizona's Kevin Kolb resemble the game's best quarterbacks. Do you really think this pass defense that Eli Manning torched for 400 yards passing can hold up against Philadelphia's big-play attack?

It can't. And it won't.

Philadelphia is tied for third in the NFL in plays of 20 yards or more with 73. The Eagles rank second in plays of 10 yards or more with 226.

The Cowboys have allowed 33 plays of 20 yards or more in their last eight games. See, this is a bad matchup for the Cowboys. When the Eagles go to their formation with three receivers, a tight end and a running back, Dallas is going to have all sorts of matchup problems.

In his last two starts against the Cowboys, Mike Vick has led the Eagles to an average of 32 points and more than 7.0 yards per play.

None of this means the Cowboys can't win. It just means Dallas' only shot is to win a shootout because the Eagles will hit their average of six plays of 20 points or more and score at least 31 points.