Big Decision: Put best foot forward

No easy answer exists for Jason Garrett today -- even if the New York Giants beat the New York Jets and the Cowboys can still need to beat the Giants next week to win the NFC East.

How much does Garrett use Felix Jones, who did not go through a full practice this week because of a strained hamstring?

Does he ride him hard and try to get the most out of him, knowing the hamstring might render him useless at some point early in the game? Or does he spot him and let Sammy Morris, impressive in his debut last week, do the heavy lifting?

Either way, it would behoove the Cowboys to put forth their best effort either way to win this week. This team isn't good enough to take its chance on a winner-take-all game at MetLife Stadium, when it might not have to.

Garrett must be aggressive. Feed Jones early and hope he holds up.

The Cowboys have a history of December swoons, whether they choose to acknowledge it or not. Their mental health won't withstand a loss to the Eagles.

Garrett will need to ride with Jones as long as he can and deal with the consequences later.