Second quarter: Eagles 14, Cowboys 0

ARLINGTON, Texas -- At the break in the Cowboys home finale, and the Eagles are controlling in a game that means nothing.

1. Best thing we liked in the first half was Dez Bryant. He finished with two catches for 25 yards. But he ran routes smoothly and was physical. Despite the reduced importance of the game, Bryant is playing as if this were a playoff game.

2. Question the decision to play the starters all you want, but Jason Garrett did the right thing by using them.

3. We saw Chauncey Washington get his first carry since he was called up. He was stopped for a 1-yard loss by Mike Patterson.

4. Watching Stephen McGee fight under duress reminded me of practice when he was going against the first-team defense during training camp.

5. The Eagles ran the same end-around twice on back-to-back plays, resulting in 27 yards for DeSean Jackson.

6. The Eagles have just too much speed for the Cowboys to handle on defense, with Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy, Michael Vick and Jackson giving them fits. DeMarcus Ware is fast but not that fast.

7. Bad penalty on Anthony Spencer, hitting Maclin while he was down on the field after a completed pass and resulting in a 15-yard penalty. Spencer didn't need to drive his body into a defenseless receiver.

8. Interesting play call near the end of the half when the Cowboys moved Dez Bryant into motion to line up in the backfield. Sammy Morris took a pitch but was dropped for a 9-yard loss. Bryant was asked to block a linebacker -- not his strongest suit -- and he wasn't set long enough after going in motion drawing a penalty.

9. Tony Romo's 0-for-2 effort would be the first time since he's been a starter that he has failed to complete a pass in an NFL game.

10. The Eagles have 284 total offensive yards on 32 plays.