Cowboys Stadium average: 85,011

IRVING, Texas -- The attendance drop at Cowboys Stadium became official on Saturday when the announced attendance was 84,834 to see the Cowboys play Philadelphia in what turned out to be a meaningless game.

In eight regular-season games, the Cowboys drew 680,087 fans, good for an average of 85,011. In the first year of the $1.2 billion stadium, 2009, the Cowboys averaged 89,757. In 2010, with a 6-10 team, the Cowboys averaged 87,047.

Owner and general manager Jerry Jones was not concerned about the turnout Saturday.

“Well, we knew this game all year was one of our more challenging times,” Jones said. “Of course, the interest in this game perked that interest. We actually ended up with greater distributed tickets than I would have ever thought six weeks ago. I’m pretty pleased with the attendance in distributed tickets that we had here. I don’t have the exact number, but we approached 10,000 party passes for this game. When you think about it on Christmas Eve, that’s pretty good with the interest in this game.”

With a win next week at the New York Giants, the Cowboys will host their second playoff game at Cowboys Stadium. The first drew 92,951 for the wild-card win against the Eagles on Jan. 9, 2010.

In 2009, the Cowboys had four crowds of at least 90,000 (and two at more than 100,000). In 2010, they had three crowds of 90,000-plus. In 2011, they had one game with more than 90,000 with 92,952 on hand to see a 37-34 loss to the Giants on Dec. 11.