Officials breakdown: Walt Anderson

IRVING, Texas -- Walt Anderson’s crew will work the NFC East Championship Game on Sunday against the Cowboys and New York Giants at MetLife Stadium.

It’s the first time Anderson has worked a Cowboys’ game since the 2009 divisional round playoff loss at Minnesota and first regular-season game he has had since Oct. 4, 2009 at Denver, which was also a Dallas loss.

In the loss to the Vikings, the Cowboys had two accepted penalties (three overall) for 10 yards. In the loss to the Broncos, the Cowboys were flagged seven times for 70 yards. In both games, the home teams were penalized more than the Cowboys.

Last week Anderson’s crew worked the Denver-Buffalo game and called 15 penalties. The Broncos were penalized seven times for 58 yards, and the Bills had eight penalties for 69 yards.

Here’s the breakdown:

Offside – 4

Neutral zone infraction – 1

Offensive holding – 2

False start – 1

Illegal block above the waist – 3

Unnecessary roughness – 1

Defensive holding – 1

Defensive pass interference – 1

12-men on the field – 1


First – 4

Second – 3

Third – 4

Fourth – 4

An interesting side note, this crew is vigilant on special teams’ penalties. They called three last week. In the Minnesota playoff game, they called four. In the Broncos’ loss, they called three.