Big Decision: Few good options at holder

We never ever think about the holder on extra points and field goals until something goes wrong.

Well, Jason Garrett finds himself with the worst case scenario in the biggest game of the season and the biggest game of his coaching career.

He either has to use Tony Romo, Chris Jones or Chris Greisen to hold. Right now, neither of them is a good option.

Romo has a bruised right hand, Jones has never held in an NFL game and Greisen, activated from the practice squad on Saturday, hasn't played in a game this season. The Cowboys have played five games decided in the final five minutes by a field goal.

We shouldn't expect this game to be any different.

That said, the last thing Garrett wants to see is this game go down to the final seconds with the Cowboys needing a field goal to win it or tie it.

The smart move is let Jones hold since he worked with Bailey in training camp, but there's a good chance Garrett is going to be holding his breath before every place kick tonight.