How would you fix the Cowboys?

After going through our analysis (postmortem?) of what went wrong with the Cowboys in their loss to the Giants, we're interested in your take.

How would you fix the Cowboys? Which players have to go; which players show promise. Would you make any alterations to the coaching staff? How about the front office? You know Jerry Jones is the owner, and that won't change. But would you shell out the cash for a GM? For an offensive coordinator?

Don't hold back. Let us know what you'd do differently to get the Cowboys back to being a fixture in the postseason.

Our takes:

* Jean-Jacques Taylor: Late-season swoon shouldn't come as a surprise.

* Calvin Watkins: Defense has to change; talent alone won't cut it.

* Tim MacMahon: Terence Newman just can't cut it anymore.

* Todd Archer: Fair or not, perception won't be kind to Tony Romo until Cowboys win.