Is Jason Garrett making excuses?

Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett switched his stance by suggesting the season was a rebuilding year, writes Tim MacMahon.

Here's a snippet of MacMahon's prose:

[Jason Garrett] clearly wanted this season to be remembered as a rebuilding year, even though he never uttered the R-word.

"Well, we've said it right from the outset, we made some decisions in our organization where we moved on from some older players that probably would have given us maybe a better chance to win right now because we wanted to take it in a different direction," said Garrett, whose favorite phrase for the day was "growing pains."

No, Jason, you actually didn't say that right from the outset. This bull about a rebuilding season is revisionist history.

See, we actually remember what you say when you stand behind that podium. (Even when our eyelids droop, our tape recorders keep rolling.) When the ax fell on center Andre Gurode, the last of the big-name, big-buck veterans to get the boot, the rationale coming from the red-headed head coach wasn't about rebuilding.

"We felt like it was the best move for us right now," Garrett said when Gurode got cut. "There's nothing purposeful in saying, 'We've got to get rid of all the old guys and sign all the young guys.' That's not what we're thinking. We're just trying to make our team as good as it can be right now."

What do you think? Did you feel it was a rebuilding year heading into the season, and expectations were clouded when the Cowboys upped their record to 7-4? For more, click here.

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