Total Recall: What plays impacted season the most?

Quite simply, the 10 plays that shaped the Cowboys' season added up to less than what was necessary for a trip to the postseason. Jean-Jacques Taylor broke down his top-10 list -- which you can view here.

We also know that you sometimes have different views, and we'd like to hear your list. And to help, here are an extra 10 plays that didn't make the cut.

Plays 11-20 (in no particular order):

* Tony Romo's 76-yard pass to Jesse Holley to beat San Francisco.

* Dez Bryant's catch on third-and-21 vs. the Washington Redskins.

* Tashard Choice run on third-and-18 with 2:47 left vs. New England.

* Tony Romo suffers thumb injury on second play of game vs. Philly.

* Martellus Bennett's drop leads to an interception as Eagles rout Cowboys.

* Anthony Spencer gets sack, forces fumble with 38 seconds left vs. Redskins.

* Tony Romo's 65-yard TD pass to Jason Witten in win vs. Dolphins.

* Romo misses Miles Austin on "lost in lights" play vs. Giants.

* Tony Romo avoids rush, bumps into Montrae Holland and throw TD vs. Bucs.

* Lions' Bobby Carpenter intercepts Romo and returns it for touchdown.

* Anthony Spencer forces fumble, Bradie James recovers on Bucs' first possession.

So what's your top-10 list?