Who stays/goes: More free agents

IRVING, Texas -- Earlier in the week we brought you the Cowboys’ 13 unrestricted free agents. Today we bring you the team’s three restricted free agents and four exclusive rights free agents.

Unlike the previous two years when the Cowboys placed the highest tenders on wide receiver Miles Austin and Doug Free to secure their services, the Cowboys will not have to make such a decision on wide receiver Kevin Ogletree, fullback Tony Fiammetta and quarterback Chris Greisen.

Because of the collective bargaining change, Free eventually became an unrestricted free agent and was signed to a long-term deal.

Before that Free’s tender cost $3.442 million. The 2012 tender numbers are not yet known, but last year they were $2.7 million for first-round, $1.9 million for second-round and $1.2 million for original tender/right of first refusal.

Greisen was not tendered last year and is likely to have the same fate this year.

Clifton Geathers, Jermey Parnell, Jesse Holley and Chauncey Washington are the exclusive rights free agents. They cannot negotiate with another team unless the team chooses to not tender them an offer.

The breakdown:


WR Kevin Ogletree: He came out of camp as the No. 3 receiver almost by default and finished with 15 catches for 164 yards once Laurent Robinson surpassed him on the depth chart. He also handled some punt and kick return duties. If he is tendered at all, it would be for the right of first refusal, however, Robinson will be an unrestricted free agent and could be gone in 2012. Because he was an undrafted free agent the Cowboys would not receive any compensation in return.

FB Tony Fiammetta: He did a nice job in helping resurrect the running game, especially when DeMarco Murray took over, but he was not as good when he came back from an illness that knocked him out of three games. He could be tendered at the right of first refusal, which would garner the Cowboys a fourth-round pick in return. He was Carolina’s fourth rounder in 2009.

QB Chris Greisen: He’s a smart quarterback but he’s also 35.


DE Clifton Geathers: He was kept around for the entire season and active for five games. He finished with two tackles and three pressures. He’ll be back for camp but he’s not a guaranteed a roster spot.

OT Jermey Parnell: He saw limited snaps during the year but was active for every game. The Cowboys have put two years in him, so they will give him another try. They like his athleticism but with the players in front of him he’s destined to be a swing tackle on gameday.

WR Jesse Holley: He keeps sticking around and this year he made some plays on offense. He will always have the San Francisco game to fall back on. He was decent on special teams and is a good locker room guy.

RB Chauncey Washington: He was a late-season addition and could be brought back to camp, but it’s possible that he will not be tendered.