Hudson Houck: 'I had a great run'

Hudson Houck said he plans on retiring from the NFL, after a long-career which ended in 2011 with the Dallas Cowboys as the offensive line coach.

"I had a great run," said Houck, 68. "I've spent 13 years with the Cowboys and all of them were wonderful. The owner has been generous to me."

Yet, Houck said he could be like a prize fighter and return to the game he loves despite saying he will retire. Houck could duplicate what Howard Mudd, the veteran offensive line coach, who will coach the offensive line with the Philadelphia Eagles for the 2012 season.

Mudd, who is 69, was thought to have retired after a long stint with the Indianapolis Colts, but was talked about of retirement and coached with the New Orleans Saints in 2010 and then the Philadelphia Eagles last year.

"He's one of my idols," Houck said of Mudd. "I have plenty of energy, expertize and love the game."

Houck said once the 2011 season ended he thought about retiring but wasn't sure of his plans. His contract had come to an end and the Cowboys didn't say he wasn't welcomed back.

"My time is up here and somebody will carry it well," he said.

That person is Bill Callahan, who is leaving the New York Jets as their offensive line coach. Callahan was twice offered a contract extension by the Jets, according to ESPN New York, but declined the opportunity.

Tuesday night, Houck said he hasn't spoken to the offensive linemen that he coached this season, including left tackle Doug Free, right tackle Tyron Smithand center Phil Costa, among others.

"This came about suddenly," Houck said. "I will miss those guys. You miss the coaches and the relationships you built."