Roger Staubach: Tony Romo is a solution

Roger Staubach knows something about championships.

He's won two Super Bowl titles with the Cowboys and compiled an 11-6 postseason record over an 11-year career.

And Staubach is a big supporter of the current Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo, who has just one playoff victory and is still seeking a Super Bowl title.

With the Cowboys season over after an 8-8 finish, the criticisms on the team were more focused on the defense than Romo's play, a popular target in years past.

"We have enough talent we can get it turned around," Staubach said Monday night at an event honoring the first Cowboys Super Bowl title team. "We have a quarterback that can do it. I think our defense kind of let us down in the secondary, especially at times during the year when we were coming back. That should get improved next year."

Romo had a strong season for the Cowboys. He finished fourth in the NFL in quarterback rating (102.5), seventh in yards (4,184), fifth in touchdowns (31) and was third in fourth quarter passing yards at 1,223.

Ye, wins and losses are what matters when it comes to quarterbacks and Romo's December/January mark took a dreadful hit. His team finished 1-4 this year. In his career, Romo is 9-17 in December/January games. You can't blame Romo for all the losses, but as Jason Garrett, a former quarterback himself has said, the quarterback takes more of the blame than necessary. But it comes with the dinner.

Staubach said he doesn't believe the window is closing on Romo to win a title. He has two years remaining on his contract and at some point the Cowboys have to make a decision on his future.

"He's still a young guy," Staubach said of Romo, who turns 32 in April. "Every quarterback has a bad game or two but Tony Romo is right up there with the best. He's more of a solution. He's not a problem, he's a solution."