Bill Callahan looks forward to young line

IRVING, Texas -- Bill Callahan got to Texas on Monday, so he is not exactly ready to give detailed opinions of the players he inherits on the Cowboys’ offensive line.

The Cowboys opened the 2011 season with two rookies, Tyron Smith and Bill Nagy, and a player making his first start at center, Phil Costa, so he knows he has a young crew to work with.

“I believe this: when they’re young you can raise them they way you want to bring them up,” Callahan said. “It’s the right time to come in here with a lot of youth at the tackle position and also inside. I treat them all the same. I don’t treat veterans way differently than a young player, but as guys get older they take on more ownership and more say on the technique and the things you do on a daily basis. For the younger players, I’m excited to get my hands on them, get them coming off the ball, helping them protect the quarterback and help our run production.”

Callahan also carries the offensive coordinator title, but Jason Garrett will continue to call plays. Garrett said Callahan’s experiences in multiple offenses throughout the years and a reputation as one of the best line coaches in the NFL made him eager to add Callahan.

Callahan said there are similarities between what he has run in the past with what Garrett has done since 2007 and said, “the language is almost identical in a lot of cases.”

“Everyone essentially runs the same type of run concepts but it comes down to the fundamentals, the techniques and the details and the minutiae of the run play,” Callahan said. “That’s the essence of success in this league.”