Was Terence Newman hurt?

IRVING, Texas -- Toward the back end of this meet-and-greet with the media Thursday, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett was asked about the health of veteran cornerback Terence Newman.

Newman played badly the last month of the season, leading many to believe he either lost his confidence to cover (he was backing away from receivers in coverage), was hurt (Rob Ryan hinted at this but Newman said he was healthy) or just wasn't good anymore.

Sean Lee and Newman led the team with four interceptions in 2011. Newman didn't have a pick the last seven weeks of the season, and it should be noted he missed the first two games of 2011 with a groin injury suffered in training camp.

"I know Terence was playing through some different injuries throughout the year," Garrett said. "Like every guy in this league, guys who are playing, guys get nicked up and they have to play through some things and he was no different from a lot of different guys."

Newman was not listed on the injury report after recovering from his groin injury in September. This doesn't mean he didn't play through some issues. Several players received treatment for various ailments during the season and they're not listed on the injury report.

It appears Newman was dealing with health issues, but they weren't enough to keep him out of games or limit him in practice.