Deal Tony Romo, sign Peyton Manning?

The boys at ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM's Galloway & Company proposed an interesting hypothetical Friday: Do you trade quarterback Tony Romo to fix the Cowboys' problems in other areas, then sign Peyton Manning if the Colts cut him loose?

The 2011 season established that Romo, who had one of his better seasons, was the least of Dallas' worries. Nevertheless, the Cowboys finished 8-8 and missed the playoffs for the second straight season. Consider the possibilities with a trade -- the Cowboys could haul in a quality draft harvest (the Browns and their two first-round picks would be tempting), deal for young offensive linemen or address needs in the secondary and at outside linebacker with one fell swoop.

Manning sat out the season with a neck injury and seems to be on shaky ground with the Colts, who hold the top pick in April's draft. It can be argued that the absence of Manning put the Colts in that position. The 35-year-old could be an ideal playcaller for Jason Garrett. And if things don't work out, the Cowboys could establish an inside track to QBs Matt Barkley of USC or OU's Landry Jones via the 2013 draft.

GAC listeners seemed to be split on the issue, with some not optimistic that Romo will ever win a Super Bowl in Dallas. How about you? Would you pull the trigger and bring about a radical change in the Cowboys' lineup? Or is this just crazy talk?