Sorry, Randy, trade is impossible

IRVING, Texas -- I love Randy Galloway the way Gale Sayers loved Brian Piccolo.

But sometimes Randy goes off the reservation. Proposing a hypothetical where the Cowboys trade Tony Romo and sign Peyton Manning is beyond ridiculous.

I hate to put any sort of realism in this discussion, but the Cowboys cannot trade Romo. There is this little thing called the salary cap that would end this discussion before it would ever be a possibility. And it would never be a possibility.

The move would cost the Cowboys at least $12 million against the salary cap in 2012 because of all of the proration remaining on Romo's contract. But let’s say the Cowboys are willing to do this (and they never would, but let’s play along with Randy) and then would be able to sign Manning for the veteran minimum.


And Manning will be more than willing to take that deal, right?

There is another big assumption Randy is making: Manning’s health. He missed this season with a neck injury. He has not been cleared medically. There’s some doubt whether he will ever be healthy again. And he’s how old again? And he’d hold up behind this offensive line?

If Randy wants to hypothetically trade Romo because it would either mean Manning could play well for two years or lead to the rebuilding of a team he believes is going nowhere, then don’t stop at Romo. Trade your best defensive player, too. Trade DeMarcus Ware. Salary cap, shmalary cap. Who cares? Just get it done because Ware would bring in a boat load of picks, too.