Stephen Jones believes Cowboys have leaders

INDIANAPOLIS -- Leadership has been among the buzz words among Cowboys fans and media since Jason Hatcher’s comments last week on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM, but executive vice president Stephen Jones does not believe the Cowboys lack it.

“I think we have leadership, I do,” Jones said in a break between Competition Committee meetings on Wednesday from the NFL scouting combine. “I think you can always use more. Who wouldn’t want to have a Michael Irvin personality or have a Ray Lewis personality? Those guys are rare.”

Hatcher told the "Ben and Skin Show" that he was not sure who the Cowboys' leaders were, and that the team needed a Ray Lewis-like leader.

“Everybody does it differently,” Jones said of leadership, “but what Hatcher said, ‘Hey we needed a Ray Lewis,’ well, to me, I don’t know many Ray Lewises. They don’t grow on trees out there. I think we had one in Michael Irvin at one time. I think these guys are rare. They’re Hall of Fame players. They have a lot of other intangibles, but you can’t go out and find them. There are a lot of teams that don’t have a Ray Lewis.”

Jones was not upset with what Hatcher said.

“Everybody has their reasons for our seemingly not making the playoffs or not getting the job done that we all want to get done, including Jason,” Jones said. “He wants to go to the Super Bowl, and so our guys appreciate that. They think we’ve got a lot of talent on [this] team. Sometimes it’s frustrating and it’s then, ‘Why aren’t we getting it done? I think Tony’s a helluva quarterback. We have good players on defense.’ And I think we do to. Everybody’s trying to figure out what we need to do to take the next step. I’m sure if you ask 53 guys they’ve all got differing opinions as to why it’s not done. But we’ve got to make the next step.”