When do Cowboys extend Tony Romo's deal?

There have been plenty of stories this offseason regarding the Cowboys' decision-making process with the quarterback position.

Tony Romo is signed through 2013. He will make a base salary of $825,000 in 2012 and $11.5 million in 2013. Romo's cap number for 2012 will be $8.06 million and $16.8 million in 2013. (Romo's cap number in 2013 is the highest on the team of players signed through that season.)

Romo will be 32 when the 2012 season starts, which is not old. Yet there are some issues.

1. Should the Cowboys try and extend Romo now, or next year?

"I don't know," executive vice president Stephen Jones said recently when asked about Romo's contract status. "It usually comes when someone as important as Tony, you work on that mutually. [You] agree [to work on the extension] when everybody is ready."

2. Romo's lack of late season/playoff wins. He's won once in the postseason and despite a 47-30 mark after 77 regular starts, he's just 9-14 in December/January.

3. Injuries. He didn't miss any games this season but he played through a fractured rib and severely bruised hand. Romo also recovered from a small puncture of his lung. In 2010, Romo missed the last 10 games with a broken collarbone and in 2008 he missed three games with a fractured pinkie. Durability comes into play as a quarterback gets older. Three of the last four seasons, Romo either didn't finish a game or missed a game due to injury.

It doesn't appear the Cowboys and Romo's agent, Ken Kramer, are ready to work on an extension but Jerry Jones has said he doesn't feel the need to find a quarterback in the draft.

That might change in 2012 if the Cowboys fail to make the postseason for the third consecutive season.

Jones wants a veteran quarterback to back up Romo and push third-stringer Stephen McGee. There are plenty of veterans on the market the team will look at this spring for that.

The Cowboys should draft a quarterback in the middle rounds. Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden comes to mind but for now it seems the team is settled in with Romo as their quarterback of the future.