Darren Woodson: Cowboys players rewarded big hits

Former Cowboys defensive back Darren Woodson and Eagles lineman Mike Golic talk about their personal experiences with getting paid for hard hits.

Said Woodson on his time with the Cowboys from 1992-2003:

"The term bounty never came up. ... We always talked about big hits. We always rewarded ourselves, as far as the secondary is concerned. All the guys would say, 'Hey, if you got an interception, here's a little cash for you.' If you got the big hit. 'Here's a little cash for you.' If you knocked a guy out of the game. 'There's a little bit more of a bonus.' But it never was an organized situation where the coach is involved or the GM is involved -- it was never that type of gambling. It was basically guys in that locker room, guys in that defensive back meeting, talking about the big hits. We rewarded ourselves."