Analysis: Brodney Pool brings some youth

IRVING, Texas -- Brodney Pool wanted to play for the Dallas Cowboys last year. Some inside the building wanted him, too, but the club ended up with Abram Elam instead.

A year later, the Cowboys got Pool.

But did they get better?

Well, they got younger.

Elam is 31 in October. Pool is 28 in May.

But the players are similar.

This is a thumbnail sketch from an AFC personnel guy on Pool: offers some flexibility at strong and free safety, steady but doesn’t make many plays on the ball, situational player.

Sounds like Elam, doesn’t it?

Elam had 79 tackles, four tackles for loss, one forced fumble and a fumble recovery, according to the Cowboys’ coaches’ breakdown. For the Jets last year, Pool started six games, played in 14 and had 37 tackles, a half sack, four quarterback hurries, an interception, three pass breakups and a fumble recovery.

You can’t find stars in free agency at every spot in a salary-cap system. At one year and $1.2 million, Pool makes sense. He is more of a stop-gap guy right now and the Cowboys can look in the draft for a future starter. Alabama’s Mark Barron would make some sense if the Cowboys are looking for one in the first round to break into the lineup.