Remember Rob Ryan's harsh take on Tim Tebow?

Rex Ryan apparently didn't ask for his twin brother's advice before the New York Jets pulled the trigger on a trade for Tim Tebow.

Rob Ryan wasn't real impressed with Tebow this season, to put it politely. Of course, the Cowboys' defensive coordinator didn't put it so politely the day after he watched a Tebow-led comeback beat his brother's Jets, saying he was disgusted by watching such a gimmicky offense in the NFL.

“It made me, uh, throw up,” Ryan said, pausing mid-sentence to make a vomiting motion. “That stuff comes into play. You get that crap. I don’t like it because it’s college football. The things you see [is] a lot of spread. We’re getting a lot of two tight ends blocking for empty sets.

“Who would have ever thought that? This is the NFL. Those teams don’t win.”

Ryan was reminded that Tebow's team did win. The Broncos beat the Jets, 17-13, despite generating only 229 yards of total offense after Tebow and Co. marched 95 yards for the winning score, a 20-yard touchdown run by the passing-challenged quarterback.

“That team did win last night, but it was horse----, and thanks for pointing that out,” Ryan replied. “The guy made a hell of a play, though, didn’t he?

“Just a second, I’ll take a knee myself.”

Don't know if Rex Ryan will take a knee -- "Tebowing," as the prayerful pose became known -- but his Jets are taking a chance on Tebow, which could make for some interesting conversation at family functions this offseason.