Anthony Spencer: To report or not to report

On Monday, Cowboys players can voluntarily report to Valley Ranch for the first of the offseason workouts.

Let's say this again. It's voluntary. But every player is expected to show up.

At least the ones with signed contracts.

Anthony Spencer, the talented outside linebacker, has not signed his $8.8 million franchise tag. The Cowboys have until July to get a long-term deal with him signed.

It's not known if Spencer will report to the offseason workout.

As of Thursday, that decision hadn't been made. His agent, Roosevelt Barnes, didn't respond for comment Friday regarding Spencer's decision.

Spencer can work out a financial settlement with the Cowboys beforehand should he get hurt during the offseason exercises and be unable to play in 2012.

In 2009 when the Cowboys placed the first-and-third-round tender on Miles Austin, he got a similar arrangement worked out with the Cowboys. But Austin didn't report to the voluntary workouts for about a week, until Tony Romo called him.

If Spencer doesn't show up for the workouts, will another player do the same?

Should Spencer show up for the workouts?

It's his right not to.

But to continue developing team chemistry, Spencer should get his Cowboys shorts on.

It's nothing new. Ray Rice and Drew Brees are two other franchised players who are not expected to arrive for voluntary workouts. It happens across the league, but it's an interesting debate.

Spencer has said he wants to play for the Cowboys long term, but if that can't be worked out, he understands the business side of the NFL.

Right now the business is blending into the on-the-field product.