Were Miles Austin comments out of context?

In an interview with Men's Health magazine, wide receiver Miles Austin said he wasn't in the best of shape for the 2011 season, which might have led to the hamstring problems which cost him six games.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo said Austin's comments were taken out of context. However, he hasn't spoken to Austin yet.

"I think that was probably taken a little bit out of context with the way he was talking to the media," Romo said. "I haven’t talked to Miles, but that would be my guess. I was around Miles and I saw him and he was running all the time [last year]. I think what he probably meant to stress was – once again I probably don’t even want to go there because I haven’t talked to him about it – but after seeing it, it’s probably just the football metabolics. You can’t duplicate it."

Austin, who finished with 579 receiving yards last season, did try to clarify his thoughts last week.

"What I meant to say is that I felt prepared," he said last Thursday. "I felt prepared, but what I’m doing now with [strength and conditioning coach Mike] Woicik and our team is different than what I was doing."

Austin isn't one of those players you need to worry about from a physical standpoint. He's always in shape, but the lockout last year messed up several players in terms of their conditioning. Players worked out on their own with trainers not affiliated with NFL teams during the lockout.

"Miles is a guy who goes 100 miles per hour or nothing," Romo said. "He’s not a guy who just coasts because it’s the 13th rep. And, so, his greatness is that he never gets tired. He goes and goes and goes and then his body falls apart. That’s what makes him so good, so gifted. From my perspective, he was in shape. He just has to probably understand his body a little bit sometimes. He’s doing that. The guy works so hard. Anybody who talks about his work ethic has no idea about Miles Austin. That’s not him at all."