Tony Romo: Troy Aikman on mountaintop

IRVING, Texas – A few weeks ago, Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman said Tony Romo was a better quarterback than he was.

The quote caught some by surprise because Aikman won three Super Bowls and Romo has won one playoff game with the Cowboys, but Aikman was talking about a certain aspect of the position,

"I know how quarterbacks are judged, but as far as his playmaking ability and the things that he is capable of doing, he is a far more athletic quarterback, capable of making more plays than I ever was able to," Aikman said.

On Tuesday, Romo was appreciative of Aikman’s comment but also understanding that he is not at that level yet.

“I think first whenever Troy Aikman says anything in a positive way about you as a quarterback it makes you feel good,” Romo said. “For me it just means that Troy thinks that you’re doing something right and I think that’s exciting from a quarterback’s perspective, coming from a guy who’s one of the greatest players ever to play in the game. But I don’t think I belong in that discussion, so Troy I think was being nice. But definitely I’m not going to wash it away and say it doesn’t matter because it makes me feel good so I’m going to take that. But I do think that there’s no discussion. I think Troy Aikman is on his own mountaintop by himself.”