Tony Romo OK with offense or defense

IRVING, Texas – A few years ago, Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones coined the term “Romo friendly” when discussing the team’s plans.

It applied to free agency, the draft and who was or wasn’t on the roster.

On Tuesday, Tony Romo was asked if he would like to see the Cowboys go after Stanford guard David DeCastro with their first pick. Certainly that would be a "Romo friendly" move, but the quarterback wasn’t biting.

“My attention is for anybody who is going to make us better,” Romo said. “If it makes our defense a dominant defense, I’m all for that. If it makes our offensive line dominant, I’m all for that. If it makes anything, I think that’s what you’re looking for. At this position, it is just about winning, so whatever is going to help us win. I think we have some intelligent people at the top who are doing a good job with that stuff.”