Mo Claiborne: I'd love to be 2-way player

Cowboys first-round pick Morris Claiborne recaps his draft experience and talks about growing up a Cowboys fan and his expectations playing in Dallas.

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On how he feels about working alongside Miles Austin and Dez Bryant

"I'm very excited to get right in and get around those guys. Try to learn as much as I can learn from the receiver standpoint to the cornerback standpoint and both of those guys are great, big receiver and I'm looking forward to getting some work in with them so they can make me better."

On the possibility of getting some reps as a reciever

"I would love to be a two-way player. If they gave me that chance to be able to go both sides of the ball I'll love it and I won't turn it down. I get in and give it 100 percent."

Cowboys director of scouting Tom Ciskowski discusses the decision to move up for Morris Claiborne, what role Jason Garrett has in player evaluation and much more.

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