Danny Coale: I get compared to Wes Welker

Cowboys fifth-round pick Danny Coale talks about his road to the NFL and his chances of competing for a starting wide receiver spot in training camp.

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On his chances of competing for a starting receiver spot

"Well my goal is just to compete, and come in there and try my hardest, work my hardest. Whether it be special teams, receiver, whatever I’m willing to do it. Whatever. So, I want to come in there and compete on everything I can, and at the end of training camp if that, if I find myself in that spot then that would be terrific but I’m just, my goal right now is short term just to go in there and compete, and get coached up, and learn as much as I can and we’ll see where it takes us."

On getting compared to Patriots WR Wes Welker

"I get it frequently, which is, it’s a tremendous honor to get compared to someone like that. He does things that, if I have a fraction of the success that he’s had I would call it a success. I think we’re similar and I think we’re different, but it’s really nice to get those comparisons."