Coach likes Dez Bryant's offseason

IRVING, Texas -- The Cowboys hoped a more structured offseason would serve Dez Bryant’s development well after the lockout kept the team from communicating with the wide receiver in 2011.

So far, so good.

“He’s working hard in here [in the weight room] and in the teaching sessions,” assistant head coach Jimmy Robinson said. “He’s gotten off to a good start. He’s out there working really, really hard to get better. It’s got to make a difference. If it doesn’t, then what’s the point of the offseason program? So I’m confident it’s going to help.”

Bryant had several off-field issues, including suits involving repayment of loans for jewelry that have since been dealt with.

The focus of this offseason has been about football instead of finances.

“He’s getting better every day, but again that’s got to carry over to the next phase, the OTAs and training camp and then the regular season, game day,” Robinson said.

Bryant finished second on the team in receptions (63) yards (928) and touchdowns (nine) in 2011, but he did not have a 100-yard game. Robinson said Bryant is not working on specific things, but refinement of his whole game.

“Just play by play, how’s he doing?” Robinson said. “Is he picking things up? Is he making mistakes? Is he repeating mistakes? It’s a real gradual, play by play, day by day process. It takes a lot of time.”