Cowboys have Mike Jenkins' medical records

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The latest twist in the Mike Jenkins drama had a report on NFL Network saying the Dallas Cowboys cornerback refused to give the team his medical records of his offseason shoulder surgery.

A source said Jenkins is open to giving the Cowboys all his medical records, and Jerry Jones confirmed the franchise received them.

"We got all the information," Jones said Thursday. "It's not an issue. There's no issue here at all with him. He's going to play, we know good and well he's not going to sit here and not play this year, that’s not an issue. We got all the medical information we need to work with and help us in here and help us win."

The Cowboys would like for Jenkins to continue his rehab at Valley Ranch instead of Florida, where he lives in the offseason. But Jenkins, according to a source, will go to Florida.

At least in public, the Cowboys have been positive regarding Jenkins' abilities and whether they're upset with him. Jones said the team is not going to trade Jenkins, despite his desire to go elsewhere.

Jenkins did not speak with reporters during the three-day mandatory minicamp other than brief statements about his shoulder being good and his uncertainty about his availability for training camp.

The most engaged Jenkins has been with reporters was a discussion about the NBA Finals.

"I know he ultimately will get in a position to play because it's not in his best interest," Jones said. "I know that it's just not in his best interest to not be ready to play, if it's later we’ll use him later."