Cowboys should bid for college football title game

With the recent news of a four-team playoff in college football to decide a national champion starting in 2014, it brings into focus what Cowboys Stadium is all about.

A Super Bowl, NBA All-Star game, boxing matches, big time college football -- including this season's Michigan vs. Alabama game -- and the Cotton Bowl just are some of the events to grace the palace in Arlington.

The national title game should be there, as well.

Cowboys officials have expressed -- in private -- a chance to get the Cotton Bowl involved among the BCS bowls, but now with the new four-team playoff system that will rotate the title game to various cities, the time is now for Arlington to get in the mix.

Cowboys officials won't comment on whether they will bid for the title game, but if Cowboys Stadium wanted a BCS bowl in Arlington, we're sure a national title game is on the agenda.

In the next few years, the NCAA men's basketball regionals, men's basketball Final Four, Notre Dame football and, of course, the Dallas Cowboys will play games in Arlington.

Expect competition for the semifinals and title game. Officials with the Chick-fil-A Bowl in Atlanta have already expressed interest in hosting. It will be interesting to see if other stadiums connected to bowls, such as University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz., and Ford Field in Detroit, among others, will have interest in the game because of the amount of fans they can jam into a stadium.

Cowboys Stadium can easily pack 100,000 into the billion dollar facility.

Having a national title game for football sounds good for Cowboys Stadium and is the perfect event for a football palace.