Tony Romo takes the reins for Cowboys

The transition is complete: The Dallas Cowboys are Tony Romo's team.

There is no longer a question about whether the franchise quarterback feels comfortable in the leadership role required of his position. There should no longer be any questions about whether Romo is capable of filling that role.

The first strong comments from the Cowboys' camp after Dez Bryant's arrest for allegedly assaulting his mother didn't come from owner/general manager Jerry Jones or head coach Jason Garrett. They came from Romo, who set the tone for a team rallying around a troubled 23-year-old who needs all the support and guidance he can get.

"The one thing I know is that Dez knows I have his back," Romo told ESPN's Ed Werder on Friday at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe. "Dez knows I'll be there for him. Dez knows that I'm going to stick up for him."

No hemming and hawing. No dancing around a sensitive subject.

Just Romo saying what he believes, what he thinks is in the best interest of his team.

That's leadership, like it or not.

Romo admits he shied away from that role for his first few years as a starter, comparing it to a high school sophomore fitting in on a team full of upperclassmen.

Well, at the tender age of 32, Romo will be the oldest guy in the Cowboys' offensive huddle (maybe the entire roster) this season.

And Romo readily embraces the responsibilities that come along with his graybeard status as he prepares for his seventh season as a starter.

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