Mum on mom won't work long for Dez Bryant

DALLAS -- Dez Bryant proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he could sit in the same room as his mother, Angela, for a few minutes without police intervention.

Other than that, the Tuesday news conference at attorney Royce West's office was pretty much pointless.

With all due respect for the Texas senator's ability to use voice inflection for emphasis, it was a waste of time to listen to West read a canned, seven-paragraph statement that took eight days to prepare. His staff might as well have emailed the statement along with glamour shots of the dysfunctional mom-and-son duo posing together.

It couldn't have been any less genuine. Had Bryant not nodded a couple of times when West read the sixth paragraph -- the one that mentioned that Dez and his mom thought the matter could be worked out through counseling -- he might as well have been a mannequin.

"I would love to make a statement, but I can't," Bryant said as he exited the room, responding to a question about whether he had met with his Dallas Cowboys bosses to discuss the drama.

I'd love to give Bryant the benefit of the doubt, but I can't. Not just based on listening to a slick lawyer speak for a couple of minutes.

Can NFL commissioner Roger Goodell? As far as the Cowboys are concerned, that's the most important question at the moment.

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