Cole Beasley catches eyes with a spectacular grab

IRVING, Texas – Cole Beasley played it cool when asked about the spectacular catch he made over cornerback Teddy Williams on a deep ball Thursday.

“That’s just what you have to do in this league,” Beasley said. “(Kyle) Orton put it on the money. That’s all I can say about that one.”

We’ll say a little bit more.

It was the kind of catch that indicates that Beasley, an itty-bitty undrafted receiver out of SMU, might be more than just the stereotypical, short, white slot guy. He lined up outside, got open deep against a former NCAA sprint champion and made a twisting, leaping grab of a pass that was thrown above his outside shoulder.

“If you know how to run routes, you can beat anybody if the quarterback is as good as Kyle Orton,” said Beasley, who has tried to model his game after Wes Welker and Steve Smith. “He just puts it there. I mean quarterbacks in this league make it to where you’re open almost any time. You just have to make the play. Coaches want to see you make plays when you’re covered or not covered. So you got to do it.”

Beasley, who is listed at 5-foot-8, 177 pounds, is in the mix with the rest of the unproven receivers in camp who are competing for the No. 3 job and probably a couple of other roster spots.

He has caught the coaches’ eyes since rookie minicamp by consistently getting open and catching the ball. He’s shown over and over again that he’s capable of making the solid plays that keep the chains moving.

Beasley offered a glimpse of the spectacular Thursday.