Miles Austin on Dez Bryant: Put issues aside

POINT MUGU, Calif. -- Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin addressed issues regarding teammates Dez Bryant and Kevin Ogletree as he arrived here to start training camp.

Bryant was arrested and charged with a Class A misdemeanor for allegedly hitting his mother, Angela. Whether Bryant will be charged by the Dallas district attorney's office hasn't been determined, so the receiver has to deal with these issues as training camp starts.

"I feel like Dez is a true professional and (like) any true professional when you come to work, regardless of how good or how bad the outside circumstances are, you've got to put those things aside," Austin said. "You've got to work, not only him, but the whole group needs to have that focus when we're out here together working. Every time we practice on the field we have to have that same focus."

Bryant, who arrived with the majority of the team Saturday afternoon, wasn't made available for comment.

Ogletree's brother, Calvin, was shot in the head just days after the 2011 regular season ended. Kevin Ogletree was on a flight to New York when the shooting occurred.

Austin, who is good friends with Kevin Ogletree, said he's seen his fellow receiver perform well in offseason workouts.

"His brother has been getting progressively better and it hasn't stopped his work ethic at all," Austin said. "Kevin has been working hard, running, looking the best that I've ever seen him. We're all excited to get out there and be backing to working."