Practice time for Felix Jones, Brodney Pool, Andre Holmes

OXNARD, Calif. – Running back Felix Jones, safety Brodney Pool and wide receiver Andre Holmes are no longer joined at the hip doing remedial running for failing the conditioning test at the beginning of training camp.

They went through the morning walkthrough and will practice in pads for the first time Friday afternoon, but you can sense some disappointment from coach Jason Garrett in the three. Jones is in a contract year and a vital part of the offense. Pool and Holmes are fighting for playing time if not roster spots.

If Pool wants to claim a starting spot, he will have to make up for lost time to Barry Church, who has excelled in the veteran’s absence. Holmes was not among the top four wide receivers during the walkthrough.

“They just need to practice,” Garrett said. “That story’s done with. I’ve talked to them about that. It doesn’t matter that that happened anymore. It matters what you do now. They passed the test the other day. They’re going to be ready to practice today and go forward. A lot of things happen in life that you have to put you in life and go forward. That happens in spades in football, whether it’s a good experience or a bad experience, keep moving forward. Those guys are going to do that and get a lot of work.”