Play of the day: Dez Bryant's sick one-handed snag

OXNARD, Calif. -- Dez Bryant comes up with at least one play-of-the-day contender on a daily basis.

But the one-handed catch Bryant made over Orlando Scandrick on an underthrown deep ball Friday was his most jaw-dropping display of talent so far this training camp.

Bryant had a step on Scandrick while running a go route down the left sideline, stopped when he saw the ball was underthrown, jumped and snared the ball with his left hand behind Scandrick’s back. Scandrick never turned to look for the ball, face-guarding Bryant.

The athleticism is took to get to the ball was amazing. Bryant leaped over Scandrick to see the ball and effortlessly reached down and around the cornerback to get his hand on the ball.

The most impressive thing about the play, however, was that Bryant didn’t bobble the ball. He just snagged it like it was a tennis ball.