Four Downs with ... fisherman Gerald Sensabaugh

We’ll do a weekly four-question interview during training camp that focuses on something other than football. First up: fisherman/free safety Gerald Sensabaugh

What do you like so much about fishing?

I can relate it really to life. You have bad days, you have good days, it’s a lot of adversity. Same as football, too. There are a lot of highs and a lot of lows, just being hung up or losing lures or losing a big one, then you get the highs of catching a nice fish, coming to the scales and weighing. And I’m a competitor, so this offseason I got really into competitive fishing. I was able to fish in quite a few tournaments this offseason and had a little bit of success, but I’m still learning and trying to get in.

What’s your best catch ever?

My largemouth best catch, I caught one that was seven (pounds), 13 (ounces). I’ve got to get to the 10-pound mark. I need to go out here and fish some more.

Where’s the coolest place you’ve ever fished?

I don’t really do too much deep sea fishing. But I fished the California delta one time, and it was pretty cool. It was the only place I’ve ever seen a largemouth bass and a seal in the same waters, so it was pretty cool. California has some weird structures, weird water. It was a good time.

How much do you spend a year on your fishing habit?

Cash? Oh, man, it’s way too much. It’s way too much. You factor in the boat and all the lures, and it gets a little lucrative. But it’s fun.