Rudy Carpenter with solid scrimmage

OXNARD, Calif. -- Rudy Carpenter’s welcome to the Blue and White Scrimmage on Sunday was not a good one.

His first throw down the sideline to wide receiver Raymond Radway was underthrown and intercepted by cornerback Lionel Smith.

“It’s frustrating for me too because I would say the strength of what I do is just move the chains, make good decisions with the football and throw it accurately,” said Carpenter, who had not taken a snap in the full-team practice in six days. “The one thing I have to try to do is just constantly stay in the moment.”

Carpenter responded by completing his next three passes, including a deep throw down the sideline to Tim Benford on the same route as Radway’s. The third-team offense got to the defense’s 1, but it was unable to punch it in for a touchdown.

“I’ve been fortunate and got to play a lot of games in college and so far in the NFL playing a lot of preseason games,” Carpenter said. “It’s one of the things where every play you have to press the re-set button, see the coverage, make the right throw and not ever second-guess yourself. It’s one of the things that makes Tony Romo so good or Brett Favre so good. They bounce back play after play and not be affected by bad things that happen.”