Play of the day: Tony Romo threads needle to Jason Witten

OXNARD, Calif. -- Sometimes there simply isn’t anything the defense can do about it.

Inside linebacker Bruce Carter couldn’t have had better coverage on Jason Witten’s intermediate out route. It just didn’t matter.

Tony Romo fired a tight spiral into a tiny window. Witten caught the ball cleanly, getting both feet in bounds for the first down before he stepped out of bounds.

It’s the kind of connection Romo and Witten make a couple of dozen times per season. It’s still pretty to watch … and pretty much impossible to stop when they execute to perfection.

“Their connection and what they’ve got going has been going for so long,” Carter said. “They’re both on the same page. All you can do is just keep fighting. Witten is a great receiver, Romo is a great quarterback and their timing is perfect.”