Bill Callahan offers unique influence

OXNARD, Calif. -- Jason Garrett, the play-caller, has operated without a "no-man" since the day Tony Sparano departed after the 2007 season.

That's about to change.

Garrett, like every good coach, needs a person who's not afraid to confront him, suggest change or inform him behind closed doors that he's lost his mind.

This is among the duties Bill Callahan, among the league's most respected assistants, signed up for the day the Dallas Cowboys hired him as offensive coordinator.

Callahan isn't going to call the plays, but he's in charge of the running game and will have more influence over Garrett than any other assistant.

As a former head coach with the Oakland Raiders and Nebraska Cornhuskers, he can relate to Garrett on a level other assistants on this staff -- no matter how qualified -- simply can't do.

Callahan can and will affect Garrett's philosophical approach to running the ball.

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