DeMarco Murray must take next step

OXNARD, Calif. -- The Dallas Cowboys don't need DeMarco Murray to be Felix Jones (injured and inconsistent). Or Marion Barber (a barbarian turned delicate flower).

And the Cowboys surely don't need Murray to be Julius Jones (unfilled potential).

What the Cowboys need Murray to be is the guy who plays with a chip on his shoulder.

They need Murray to remember that five running backs were taken before him in the NFL draft. They need Murray to become a consistent 1,000-yard rusher and someone whom coach Jason Garrett can depend on for 18 to 20 carries a game.

"I was definitely overlooked by a lot of teams," Murray said. "You have a chip on your shoulder. You get five other players taken before you. I had a great career at Oklahoma and I don't take anything away from those organizations. They saw what they liked in those other players. I'm glad I'm where I am at."

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