Play of the day: Dez Bryant gets up over Brandon Carr

OXNARD, Calif. -- It was Dez Bryant doing what he does best.

Tony Romo threw the deep ball high and behind Bryant, giving the freakishly athletic receiver a chance to go up over Brandon Carr to get it. Bryant didn’t disappoint, thrilling the crowd by stopping, soaring and snagging the ball at its highest point for a 40-yard touchdown.

The fact that Carr didn’t go all out to break up the pass in the one-on-one drill didn’t take much away from the moment.

“In a game, I don’t know what the end result would have been if I had really jumped for the ball,” said Carr, who had pretty good position. “It was a one-on-one drill and you’ve got to be smart about going after the ball. I want to keep him healthy, keep him right but at the same time I take those drills and work different things and try to get better on every rep.”

The Bryant-Carr battles are about as fun as training camp practices can get.

Bryant seemed to have the upper hand Tuesday, using his big frame to subtly push off to get great separation on several routes. (Think Michael Irvin.) Carr got the best of Bryant a few times, too, most notably blanketing Bryant and breaking up the pass on a deep corner route.

“He has a lot of explosion,” Carr said. “He gets downfield but at the same time, he’s a physical receiver. He likes to use his hands to get you off balance. You’ve really got to buckle down when it’s time for you to go against him.”