Jamize Olawale doing all he can

OXNARD, Calif. -- Jamize Olawale might turn into one of the Cowboys' better additions, considering he joined the team through a tryout at the club’s rookie minicamp after the draft.

He remains a long shot to make the 53-man roster, but he has value because he can play multiple positions. A wide receiver at North Texas, Olawale is now listed as a fullback. With injuries to Phillip Tanner (hand) and Lance Dunbar (hamstring), Olawale has added some tailback duties.

“It’s fun,” said Olawale, who said he last played running back in junior college. “The coaches tell you everything you need to know. They’re patient with you. It’s all on you after that.”

That type of versatility could help Olawale become part of the practice squad in the future. Coaches love players who can play multiple positions, especially on the practice squad. At 6-1, 238, he could play some tight end/H-back if needed and he could always fall back to his wide receiver days.

“I’m whatever they tell me to play,” Olawale said. “I can’t be picky. I’ll play whatever they want me to play. Wide receiver in college was fun. I’m not going to lie, but fullback has its perks, too. It’s fun, too.”