Anthony Spencer patient in return

OXNARD, Calif. – Anthony Spencer is hoping to be back soon from a hamstring injury but he does not have a definitive timetable.

Spencer, will, however, begin running today for the first time since suffering the injury.

The shadow of what happened to Miles Austin last year hangs over Spencer’s head. Austin missed six games in 2011 because of two separate hamstring injuries. Austin suffered a slightly strained hamstring and has missed the last four days of on-field work.

“Pretty much everybody I talk to they talk about not coming back too early because you don’t want to risk doing it again because it could re-occur,” Spencer said. “I don’t want to have something like this happen all season.”

Spencer said he is not falling behind in getting used to the wrinkles coordinator Rob Ryan has added to the defense specifically to get Spencer more involved in the pass rush.

“I’m taking the mental reps. I’m out here watching things, watching the film and seeing everything,” Spencer said. “I learn visually a little better. Both helps, but I can be able to see it and be able to learn from it. I’m on top of it.”