Nate Livings (hamstring) still not cleared to practice

OXNARD, Calif. -- Guard Nate Livings, out with a hamstring injury, said if the Super Bowl were today he would practice. But it's not, so the free agent pickup must wait until he's cleared to play by the Cowboys medical staff.

"It's just being focused mentally, even in meetings," Livings said. "Even though I'm not watching practice, I'm watching myself in there in certain situations, whether it's fourth-and-1, third-and-1. How would I handle it? Where would I place my hands? What I'm thinking against different defenders? It's all mental. They physical part comes in practice. It's nothing new."

When the Cowboys signed Livings and Mackenzy Bernadeau it was of the goal they would both start at guard. Injuries to both have delayed that. Livings started training camp on time, but Bernadeau didn't because he was injured in the offseason.

Now the roles are reversed, with Bernadeau practicing and Livings waiting for his time to practice again.

"After practice, I'm hanging in (the) room asking about what happened in practice and how we handle certain situations," Livings said. "And even though I'm not on the field, I'm a workaholic. I love coach (Bill) Callahan and his work ethic, and that’s all we can do is continue to work and get better every day."