Nobody to blame for Jason Witten injury

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No one is to blame for the lacerated spleen tight end Jason Witten suffered Monday night in the Dallas Cowboys' first preseason game.

Not Doug Free. Not Tony Romo. And certainly not Jason Garrett. So can we please stop searching for a scapegoat? One doesn't exist.

Witten is the recipient of some awful luck. No more, no less.

By the way, there wasn't a single tweet or Facebook post at the time Witten was hurt that blamed Free, Romo or Garrett after the play or all day Tuesday.

If you didn't blame any of the play's key participants at the time, there's no need to cast aspersions now.

The best you can hope is that after being idle for 7-10 days, doctors will see that Witten's injury is healing properly, and he won't need any surgery.

The best case scenario says Witten will return in 3-4 weeks.

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