Victor Butler playing every snap like it's his last

SAN DIEGO – Remember the catchy, ‘All Cris Carter does is catch touchdown passes,’ phrase? Well, all Victor Butler does is sack the quarterback.

Not really, but it seems that way.

Filling in for DeMarcus Ware, who did not play because of a hamstring strain, and six days after he played in place of Anthony Spencer (hamstring) on the strong side, Butler had a sack of San Diego’s Philip Rivers on the defense’s second play Saturday.

“Right now my focus is to be a productive member of the team,” Butler said. “For me, I’ve got to take every snap and run with it whether I play 60 snaps or six. DeMarcus Ware told me at the beginning of camp to play each snap like it’s the last snap of football ever, like the world’s going to end tomorrow and how do you want to be remembered. How do you want the fans to remember you? How do you want the opponents to remember you? Your team? Your teammates? That’s why you play each snap like that.”