Tracking Mo: With Brandon Carr, action is coming

SAN DIEGO – Morris Claiborne kept waiting for San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers to challenge him in Saturday’s preseason game.

It happened when the Cowboys opened their three-day camp at Valley Ranch late last month. It happened in the first training camp in Oxnard, Calif.

It never happened Saturday.

Claiborne had two tackles – the first on a bubble screen and the second on a curl – against the Chargers in a relatively quiet night for the Cowboys’ No. 1 pick. Instead Rivers challenged Brandon Carr deep and was intercepted. Carr got him again on an underneath route.

“I told (Carr) that I’ve already been in this situation before where if he keeps going, what he’s doing, people aren’t going to come to him no more. They’re going to start at me,” Claiborne said. “I felt that same situation a couple of years ago with Patrick (Peterson at LSU).”