Camp observations: Tony Romo sharp

SAN DIEGO – Tony Romo was sharp in Monday’s practice against San Diego, and it could've been better if not for three drops.

Romo went 20 of 28 in team and seven-on-seven drills against the Chargers but was done in by drops by Felix Jones, Kevin Ogletree and DeMarco Murray.

I spent the nearly two-hour session watching the Cowboys’ offense, so these observations will focus only on that side of the ball:

** RB Felix Jones must be fighting the ball. He had a drop in the games against Oakland and San Diego and was unable to hold on to a simple check down from Romo in Monday’s practice. It’s somewhat alarming because Jones has been a reliable pass catcher.

** WR Kevin Ogletree's drop is a tough grade, but a drop nonetheless after he was easily able to slide by CB Quentin Jammer at the line of scrimmage. Romo’s throw was a tad long and went just off Ogletree’s fingertips. But the ease in which Ogletree got by Jammer was impressive. Ogletree had a productive practice with the extra attention, catching six of Romo’s 20 completions.

** In Jason Witten's absence, the tight ends have not been involved as much in the passing game but that sort of changed Monday. John Phillips and James Hanna were active. Hanna put together a catch of at least 25 yards after getting past the Chargers linebackers unnoticed.

** WR Andre Holmes did not make it through the practice because of back tightness. He was unable to hook up with Romo on the first play of team drills and was replaced by Dwayne Harris.

** The Cowboys like to run reverses but they have not had much success during camp. They didn’t have success with it Monday either. LB Shaun Phillips snuffed out a reverse to Harris, doing a good job of not following the pack.

** Kyle Orton went 14 of 20 in the practice but barely overthrew WR Danny Coale on a deep ball down the middle in which the rookie could not get an extra jump on the pass. Coale, however, had his best practice of camp in part because he got so much work.

** Interesting to note that backup quarterbacks Stephen McGee and Rudy Carpenter split the third-team snaps with both quarterbacks taking two snaps in seven on seven and two in team drills.