Tony Romo ends camp with TD pass

SAN DIEGO – Tony Romo's frustration level spiked some, literally, during Tuesday’s practice against San Diego when he was sacked on a fourth-down play in the two-minute drill.

Romo slammed the ball to the turf in disgust, upset with a route run by Dwayne Harris.

After practice, Romo and coach Jason Garrett shared a quick word.

“Some of the hiccups that happened today, we had a number of different guys playing, young players in roles they’ve not been in because of the injuries,” Garrett said, “but you’ve just got to fight through. You can’t get bogged down by it. You’ve got to deal with it, address it and move forward. As the leader of this football team, he (Romo) does that very well and he has to continue to do that.”

According to unofficial stats, Romo ended training camp by completing 245 of 371 passes in team and seven-on-seven drills. He was just 17 of 31 on Tuesday but closed out the final two-minute drill with a touchdown pass to Danny Coale in the back of the end zone after the rookie wide receiver snuck by Antoine Cason.

In a game, the play would have been reviewed, but the Chargers' defense was upset at the official with the call. Coale thought he got his foot down as he was being pushed by Cason.

Romo went the final 151 passes of training camp without an interception in team or seven-on-seven drills.

Romo’s backup, Kyle Orton, concluded camp by completing 148 of 221 passes in team and seven-on-seven drills.